Working Out Work

July  2012 / 28 No Comments

What is work for you? Is it anything you don’t want to do? Or is it anything you get paid for? The entire concept of work is changing. The message in today’s society is not the traditional “What would like to be when you grow up?” but rather, “How would you like to live?”

People who happiest in life are the ones who form long term goals, both personal and professional. They then go on to construct a life which makes it possible for them to achieve their ambitions. Goal setting in this manner leads to a merge between work life and personal life.

Work Life Balance

The notion of work life balance doesn’t exist as it once did. Personally, my work is my life, I love it just as much as other activities. I don’t, however, live to work. Simply my concept of work differs to most. It is not a question of what work you wish to do, but instead what lifestyle you wish to have. Does your work conform to your desired lifestyle? Obviously, one has to do things that they don’t wish to do, for money or experience; this is where the balancing lies.

The Beach Office

So why this change? Due to advances in technology it’s becoming increasingly easy to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It is encouraging because it offers people freedom in their lifestyle. People will increasingly turn to this freedom, therefore corporations will need to adapt. Corporations will find it increasingly hard to gain employees with entrepreneurial mindsets – those minds which move their company forward.

Take your pick: the traditions of a work life balance or the freedom of lifestyle you desire.