Any time to … be happy?

March  2011 / 20 No Comments

Hang on – wait a second! I just need to check my email, Facebook, Twitter, RSS News Feed, My Space (oh, no one uses that anymore!), LinkedIn, Blog … I’m sure there was something else. In such a world it’s not surprising people forget to live! With the ever increasing number of social platforms and mediums to engage on: where is the time to stop and think ‘what do I want from life?’

The advances in technology mean it’s difficult to give yourself time to think, time think what do I want to achieve, what do I enjoy, how am I unique, who do I want to be? Without time to stop and think it can be so easy to bumble through life without ever achieving your ambitions or really knowing who you are. Stop, give time do this, some say this is time wasted but time enjoyed wasted is not time wasted. I personally love the time I spend thinking ‘what makes me happy?’ – it’s the basic principle of a happy lifestyle.

Time for Thought

Everyone knows that what one puts into life is what one gets out of life. With technology being at the forefront of our lives it is easy to forget the natural, reality based, methods. Smile, remember that one? Giving a smile to a friend or stranger increases the chance of a smile back – it’s infectious. Just like laughter, remember laughter can be hard through a computer. At times giving such things can be hard, but I consider it’s worth the effort.
I leave on a request. Next time you settle yourself down to watch TV – Don’t! Do you really have enough time in your new ambitious life for it? Instead try just sitting, no not on your phone or laptop!, and just see what happens, see where you mind leads you– you might surprise yourself.