No love, no money

January  2012 / 29 No Comments

We all know technology has made it easier to work for oneself. Additionally we all know that technology has put that personal touch well and truly back into business through online social connections. Co-operate image has gone – it is now all about personal image. It is not just physical connections which matter anymore, online connections are now just as important.

This begs a question: will we ever be in a position where everyone is self employed and everyone has to market themselves and find work for themselves? No public-private divide? Teachers who bid for classes at schools, train drivers who bid for particular train journeys. This is already happening for so many things, from logo designs to collecting shopping lists, all possible due to crowd sourcing websites.

Can you imagine such a working environment? I really believe I can – ok so there is still a long way to go in terms of technology advancements and of course for general society to catch up with the trend. What does this leave us with? This means that people will have to love the job they do otherwise they will never win a bid, they will never be employed, they will therefore never be able to make money from such a job.