Snow Chance!

December  2010 / 7 No Comments

Parliament in Snow

Snow is a joy to children – they can build snowmen (which, in rare cases, might be nicked and needs reporting to the police!) they can have a snowball fight, slide down a hill and do all other things you can do on soft chilly surfaces. What about the adults? Well, up until recently British adults rejoiced in heavy snow as much, if not more, than their offspring.

Someone set on making it to work!

Britain is one of he few places in Europe where heavy snow means closing schools, universities and offices. Brits, unlike Americans, do not even attempt to dig themselves out and try to make it to work – at all costs, even if it meant being two hours late. No, a Brit looks out of the window, notices snow, makes their way to the phone, just to make sure the day is a ‘snow day’. Then he gets daily paper out, settles down in the armchair and forgets that it is a Monday, for a snowy Monday means a Sunday. ‘Let’s just hope it does not melt too fast’.

Times are changing. Snowfalls might be heavier and more unexpected (especially before Christmas!), roads might be more slippery, but the Internet connection withstands all the winter weather excesses. Nowadays, the majority of people are able to work from home, by transforming their living room into an office, an email inbox, a Skype conference hall and what not. Financial services, content managements systems, online offices, marketing systems are all there, on our desk – no need to mount a slippery road and go to work.

Ice on Earth

Work is there for us, at the outreach of our hand, untouched by the frost outside. And finally, the buzz of the moment, the social media care little about snow. I mean, Facebook statuses are all covered with snow references, but the platform is operating normally – from home, from office, from school. Snow interrupts little nowadays, at least in the information, technology-based sector. People working outside cannot quite ignore the Siberian temperatures. But they might be able to have a sleep-in, or a day off, while the rest of us, off to the desk. You can have a lunch break outside, if you wish. Don’t forget the gloves though!