Does big business mean big offices?

December  2010 / 9 No Comments

Technology can help all companies, big and small, increase their revenues. It presents a unique opportunity to start-ups and small companies to grow without the need for huge initial investments or thousands of employees. In the digital world the skills that will make your brand known are: creativity and organization. Outsourcing lies at their cross-section.

Outsourcing is not a new concept, but in a digitalised age it has acquired a new potential. A company Ecademy, a giant in online business networking and digital coaching, is in fact a ‘dwarf’ in numbers. It employs…5 people! Impossible? Twenty years ago the international outsorcing on such a huge scale might have been difficult to organizae, but nowadays the technology has made it incredibly efficient and relatively cheap.

Help for your business around the globle

As a result, people with bright ideas, as Penny Power, can focus on marketing, brand and image creation of their service or product, while other organizations do the work behind the scenes so to speak. This is a unique opportunity in a world where a website is the first and often the last point of contact between a customer and an organization. So if you have a bright idea, think about people who could help you with putting it into practise.

Innocent Smoothies is another example. One of the hardest decisions that the founders faced in the beginning stages of their business, was if they should be responsible for the production of smoothies or they should outsource it. The decision for the latter enabled them to focus on creating and publicising their brand. This allowed them to spread fast across various markets, focus on strategies rather than getting entangled into production contracts and legislation.

Outsourcing is not just efficient, it is also safe. In the times of the recession, experts speak of the priority of flexibility over planning. Outsourcing does not require you bind long-term contracts, but gives you a flexibility and freedom of choice so important in the changing economy. Digital world opens us possibilities of efficient and profitable cooperation between people adn organizations. It is high time to change our traditional conception of professional success, embodied in a huge ensemble of offices, a pile of contracts and a high number of employees. Nowadays many hugely successful businessmen work from home, with Iphone in their pocket and a laptop on their lap. If you organise the running of your company well, not much more is needed. Outsourcing is one way to do that.