Attitudes are contagious…

January  2011 / 11 No Comments

Keep Happy

When was the last time you said to yourself (if you speak to yourself at all!) I am so happy to be alive, here and now? When was the last time you smiled for no reason? If earlier than yesterday than something needs to change.

Inspirational videos may seem tacky to some, but they do make you stop and think about what matters in life. The video I recently watched the video below which speaks of the need to appreciate every moment of our lives, because they are short and…. beautiful. At least they have a potential to be – and we can make them into valuable lives. How?

Living good honest lives, being generous to people, having attitude that is not just contagious, but also worth catching. It all seems obvious but how to put it into practice?


One way would be to choose the job you really enjoy so that “you will not have to work for another day in your life”. The key is passion, commitment and joy. Another way would be stopping by, speaking to people, smiling to those we like and those we like less – in a word, spreading a positive aura around us. Being kind to others and to yourself.

An important thing is not to fall into a routine, not to let life slip through our fingers. But how? We are freer to live our lives the way we want more than most people I am not sure myself, but I am trying – I dance because I love it, I started up my own business because I’ve always wanted to, I am kind to people and open to meeting more, because I believe that people are good and interesting. I am happy to be alive, to be writing this blog for you, to be sharing my thoughts with you. I am grateful that technology allows me to do that. I hope that you are infected now and that you will pass on the positive bug.