8 weeks to success!

April  2013 / 20 3 Comments

We have all been there. Sat at the computer working on the latest project, but then an email comes in just as the phone rings. You consider “Can I quickly read the email before the call?” you gamble and it pays offs – it was just junk mail. Anyway, after the call what do you do next? No, you don’t go back to what you were doing. The blue glaze of Facebook is too bright, then it’s BBC News, maybe even Wikipedia! Ok, guilt sends you back to work just before the next email comes in. Stop to think for a second, no – not a chance!

I was fortunate enough to be educated at Oxford University where they function on 8 week terms. The academic year is made up on, 8 weeks working, 6 weeks on vacation. How is anything done with so many vacations, you might think? Well it is very simple, after a good relaxation period one is ready to work and, does one work, ones certainly does! A focused and dedicated 8 week period where nothing matters other than the content of the material in question. Then at the end, 6 weeks vacation, the time and space to reflex and the option of being creative in surroundings which inspire ready to be pursued in the next 8 weeks.

This is how I believe business development should work. Currently business men juggle multiple aspects of their companies while still trying to generate new and fresh concepts. How is this possible with no time to stop and think. Most of us have heard of work hard play hard – why is the working world any different?

This how top management consultancies work, employees are on a project then “on the beach” till the next project. Why is this? because management consultants need to be creative to move the top companies in the world forward.

This setup is what I believe the management of small and medium business need to execute if they ever want their businesses to be innovative and market leading.


  • Greg Tarr

    do you mean “on the bench”?

  • Very interesting article. I have never tried this approach to working, however it sounds like it could work very well. I wish I could give it a go! 

  • alexrobinson66

    @Grey:disqus , I think there are lots of alternatives – I like on the beech best 🙂

    Kirsty, great I’m glad you are inspired to give it a go. Let me know how it goes!