Place to be inspired

May  2013 / 15 2 Comments

You are sat in a white regtangular room containing a wooden table, individuals (in complete business attire), and 8 blues chairs – of witch the most exiting aspect is the criss crossed pattern of the fabric. Emotionless, bare, walls apart from 4 posters containing forced marketed messages complemented with rememberable images – oh yes, now I’m inspired! The item at the top of the agenda is – “business progression”. How is anyone supposed to be creative in such circumstances? How is that going to generate revolutionary new concepts for the business?

To put it explicitly, when was the last time you were inspired going into an office?

Consider these situations, how inspired have you been: sitting with a glass of wine in a restaurant on the coast of the Mediterranean? Or standing at the summit of a windy mountain with a complete panorama view of the surrounding? Maybe just standing in the middle of Oxford Street and just watching, each individual as they pass. Standing in one single spot and watching exactly what they are doing, wearing, saying. That’s what I consider market research. Try not to come up with a new ideas in these circumstances!

I propose you stop going with the flow in our boring and uninspired lives, go out and experience life. Next time you walk into a board meeting you might sill be inspired enough to actually think of fresh innovative ideas which just might really aid business development.