Evolution or technology?

October  2012 / 31 No Comments

How good are your computer skills? What about your social media skills? How does this compare to your parents’? So, are you more or less evolved than your parents? The question is, what is the meaning of evolution?

Are we still evolving? I invite you to read this article; it claims that we are not evolving due to technology replacing the need to evolve. I believe that we are still evolving. It is just that we are evolving in different ways due to technology.

One evolution change is that our brains are changing from a memory and recall focus to an analytical and evaluate focus. With the internet being an easy-to-access encyclopedia of knowledge, why memorise when you can discover in two minutes flat with the aid of your mobile phone?

So while our focus changes from one to another, our brains change to enhance skills in one area and decrease the skills in another. Hence evolution.

The main question is, are we evolving or are there just technological advancements?

Maybe we are becoming impatient with rate of evolution compared with the speed of our lives. Come off it, we do not have the attention span or patience to wait for longer than thirty seconds without getting out a mobile phone.

This is only a short article but hey, you wouldn’t have the attention span to read to the end otherwise.