Lost But Still Found

September  2012 / 29 2 Comments

Where are you hiding? No I don’t want this – that’s not right either! Aha, down there in the depths of the interconnected network I’ve finally found it.

The internet is an unimaginably vast network. No one would have a hope of finding anything if we did not have the unbelievable power of search engines like Google. The first thing many people do when they surf the internet is to go to a search engine. Just think about your choice of homepage? However, will this always be the case?

Non virtual searching is much harder work

I imagine an internet where there is no need to search, per se. Sure one will have to tell the computer what they are looking for, however one will not have to go through pages upon pages of irrelevant material. What they want will just be there. Sounds great yes? So how on earth will this be possible?

This will be possible simply because of social networks. If your friends like something, there is more chance that you will like it too. This is why we have certain friends; because we all like doing similar things. This principle works for search too. Take for example that you’re looking for a plumber. You tell the computer this and it tells you that your friend has just used a plumber and has written a testimonial saying that their service was great. Do you need to look any further?

The phrase “choose your friends carefully” has never been so important. Not having the ‘right’ friends could mean you become lost in the extensive internet network and unable to find anything useful!


  • Jan

    OK, I agree with the principle, but let’s take this ‘plumber’ example you’ve come up with. Imagine that in your circle of friends, few of them have any experience with a plumber, and of those that do, they have only had negative experiences, i.e. they would not recommend their plumber. Now we introduce plumber Joe, who is newly qualified and therefore has no recommendations, despite being very proficient and better than existing plumbers in the area. Will he get employed?

    To summarise, I am asking whether a ‘new’ item, whatever it may be, will have a way “in” to the existing network / internet / search engine results?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jan, 

    You have perfectly described why it is so hard to start and business. No one knows who you are and how good your work is.

    Continuing with the plumber example with Joe, as you have named him, would have to establish himself in the online networks, just like he would have to do in physical networks. He would have to get work from family and friends etc – the way any new business starts. 

    The online networks work in exactly the same way as physical networks. So people could establish themselves in the online network without the use of search – you think one cannot do a physical search.